Our Team • Body & Flow trainers

Our team of teacher trainers was carefully chosen and has only the most qualified members in it. All of them have achieved a high level of proficiency and excellence in their field and hold multiple diplomas in related areas. Our master trainers have an extensive teaching knowledge and went through a rigorous training to ensure their readiness to deliver a Pilates course and get support and evaluations from our headquarters.


Or-Yah Avni PMA®-CPT

Or-Yah has been a long time movement professional and a talented instructor, first as a performing dancer and later as a Pilates, Yoga, Garuda and Gyrotonic instructor in the US, Europe and Asia. In addition to being Thailand’s Pilates entrepreneur, she has long been influencing the entire Pilates industry throughout Asia. Ory has been teaching for nearly 2 decades and her passion is absolutely contagious. A teacher of teachers, over the years Ory has certified over 300 Pilates instructors from all over the world. Ory has been invited to teach in conventions and festivals throughout Asia and Europe and is known for her deep knowledge, well-structured and organized classes, emphasizing technique, art, incorporating flowing movement, breath work and fun…

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Israel

Orit Bar Artvinsky

Orit Bar-Artvinsky is the owner of Pele Pilates studio in Israel. She is a certified Pilates instructor originally trained in Pretoria, South Africa, and later studied for additional certifications with Peak Pilates, Physical Mind Institute and became a Master Trainer for Body & Flow. Over the years she expanded her knowledge and experienced with rehabilitation work, Prenatal, standing Pilates and more. She believes the strength behind the Pilates method is in the fact it always works. Becoming a master trainer, as she sees it, gives her the privilege to share with others the wonders of the method.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Pakistan

Zainub Abbas

Zainub Abbas did her certification with Ory in 2009 and immediately opened her own studio. She is now considered a pioneer of Pilates in Lahore, Pakistan with a steady growth of students. Recently she was featured in Hello Magazine as a guru of health and fitness. She has also attended various workshops, including rehabilitation with Pilates. She believes regular Pilates practice guarantees a progressive shift in the body, enhanced vitality, oxidation, stress relief and a healthy new lifestyle.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Thailand

Supawadee Prongsa

Supawadee (Khun Birth) graduated in Physical Therapy in 1998. Khun Birth was taking care of patient as a PT in both government and private hospitals as well as in clinics for more than ten years. Birth started practicing Pilates in 2004 and became a Pilates teacher in 2009 in order to help her patients become stronger and better educated about their bodies. Birth strongly believes in Pilates and its wonderful effects on the human body and became a full tie Pilates teacher in 2010. She is teaching Pilates at The Pilate studio Bangkok and continuously study to improve her skills as a teacher and lecturer in universities and different associations in Thailand.   Birth joined Body & Flow team in 2018 and is proud to teach the courses in Thai language and to make Pilates more accessible in the land of smiles.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Czech Republic

Sarah Prouse

Australian national, Sarah started her Pilates training when she moved to Bangkok in 2005 and decided on a career change.After completing the Physical Mind Institute training course of 500+ hours, she started working for the studio. In 2006 she moved to Prague where she taught at various gyms and private training. In 2010 Sarah re-trained at The Pilates Studio Bangkok completing Standing Pilates and Pre/Post Natal course. She now runs a small home studio in the beautiful suburb of Vinohrady, Prague. She has just completed the Transmittal Pilates Mat & Apparatus training Program in Bangkok and is excited about sharing the Body & Flow experience to new teachers. Being an avid fitness enthusiastic, Pilates is a great foundation for whatever sport you do! We can incorporate Pilates-conscious movements in to every aspect of life.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • China

Fatima Hung

Fatima Hung is a certified Pilates instructor trained in Macau, Hong Kong and Bangkok. She is a certified Pilates Mat instructor at BASI Pilates in 2007. Later, she studied for additional Mat and Apparatus certifications with Polestar and eventually became a Master Trainer for Body & Flow in 2014. Besides teaching Pilates, Fatima loves sports, particularly tennis and golf. Hence, she works with Golf and Tennis professionals with the objective of using Pilates techniques to help students to improve their expertise in playing the games as well as avoiding injuries. Fatima wants to use her knowledge to guide people to understand Pilates and that it is not just an exercise platform, but is also a pathway to physical and mental well-being…

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Estonia

Aile Alveus

Aile found Pilates in 2006 due to pain in her lower back. After getting help for those issues and becoming more healthy and strong, she decided to pursue a career as a pilates teacher to help others feel the benefits of the method too. She started learning the Pilates method with Kelly McKinnon, and after several years of working and learning, became a student of Or-Yah Avni, redoing the whole training and more. Aile opened a studio in Tallinn Nõmme spring of 2014 and has now started teaching new teachers and students there. She allso gives bodyART and spinning classes and teaches music at a local school.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Thailand

Dr Serge Landrieu

As a medical doctor since 1984, Serge has gathered an abundance of knowledge and experience working with body alignment and dysfunctions. His first Pilates exercises in 1995 with a star Ballerina changed his insights about his own body which was already used to do Yoga since the age of ten. Thalassotherapie and Watsu were used as supportive treatments , as well as Myotherapie -which is an innovative manipulation technique for muscles and ligaments according to their meridians- all this makes him very resourceful in his teachings and approaches to the method Pilates. Serge is teaching Pilates in Koh Samui since 2005 and joined Body & Flow as a master trainer in 2014.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Laos

Helena Yan

Chinese national, Helena started her formal Pilates teaching career after years of practice. She dedicates the majority of her time in practicing, teaching and understanding Pilates. Helena believes that the methodology of Pilates is suitable for all ages. It makes people strong and confident, look nice and feel good. She considers Pilates as a lifestyle practice not just a way of exercising. 

In early 2015, she accomplished the Transmittal Pilates Mat Trainer Training Program in Bangkok with body & flow and is proud to bring quality and accessible Pilates courses to people in Asia. 

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Peru

Nicola Caswell

Nicola has been a Primary School teacher of Sport and Physical Education since 2001.  She believes in developing the whole person with mind and body education beginning at a young age. In 2012 Nicola trained as a Pilates teacher with Ory at the Pilates Studio, Bangkok after falling in love with the method and seeing the profound effects it had on her strength, endurance and mental awareness. She originally trained in standing, mat and apparatus Pilates with Physical Mind Institute and has more recently completed training in nutrition, anatomy, advanced mat Pilates and pre-natal and post-natal. Nicola feels honored to now be able to train future Pilates teachers herself and share her passion, commitment and love for Pilates and life-long learning.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • USA

Melissa Perkins

Melissa Perkins is a wellness professional who has been learning and teaching since 2006. The journey started in Thailand as a Yoga teacher then carried on to learning Thai Massage, Pre and Post Natal  Pilates as well as a full Pilates certification under instruction of Or-Yah  Avni . Recently joining the Body and Flow teacher training team, Melissa is a Master Trainer with Body and Flow. She can now share her knowledge of Pilates and all aspects of movement, body awareness to future educators.  As a proud parter of The Pilates Barre of New Jersey she is still learning and growing through her experiences with students of all walks of life. “Most teachers waste their time by asking questions that are intended to discover what a pupil does not know, whereas the true art of questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing.”

Pilates Teacher Trainer • USA

Tiffany Hebard

Originally from California, Tiffany has lived in Bangkok since 1997. Always physically active, she came to Pilates in 2005, after developing a bulging disc and chronic shoulder problems. Amazed at the benefits of the Pilates method, she took her initial teacher training through Physical Mind Institute in 2007. Teaching in Bangkok since that time, she has continued to expand her knowledge, taking many workshops and certifications, including Standing Pilates, Pilates for Rehabilitation, Prenatal, CoreAlign, and Garuda. She became a Master Trainer for Body & Flow in 2014. After experiencing firsthand the power of Pilates, she is passionate about bringing the benefits of the method to others!

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Italy

Max Ratta

Max hold long time career in the fitness industry as a competitive Body Builder, and personal trainer for 25 years. Over the years he studied Yoga and meditation and started his Pilates path in 2004. Since then, Max participated in different Pilates courses in the major European Pilates schools. Max believes in Pilates, as an excellent support for any level, sport, professional and personal life. Max Join Body & Flow team in 2017 and started teaching certification courses in Italy. Max is happy and proud to share his professional experience with his student and to educate the new generation of Pilates teachers in Italy.

Senior Capoeira Instructor • Israel

Rotem Hornedo

Rotem hornedo is a senior Capoeira instructor. She has 20 years of experience teaching kids from 3 years old, teenagers and adults. Had been training and studying in the U.S. Brazil, Europe and Israel. Over the past few years Rotem have certified many excelente Capoeira instructors specializing in kids training methods. Rotem has a B.A in social work and she works with the Laban-Bartenieff movement analysis approach. She is known for her deep understanding of the human movement and works with dancers, Athletes  and Capoeiristas to improve technical skills and performances.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • Thailand

Supawadee Prongsa (Birth)

A mother of 2 kids, Birth is a Physical Therapy in graduated in 1998. She worked as a Physical Therapist in the government and private hospitals as well as in clinics more than ten years. Birth started practicing Pilates in 2004 and did her certification course in 2009. After that Birth turned to be a full time Pilates Instructor, and she is teaching rehab patients and people from all walks of life. Birth is invited to give lectures in universities and associations and is working hard to share her passion to Pilates and to make it more accessible and known among Thai people.

Pilates Teacher Trainer • USA

Kimberly Palmiere

Kim’s passion for pilates led her to become the owner of small boutique studio in Denville, New Jersey. She has earned certifications in all apparatus: Mat – all levels, Reformer – all levels, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, at highly respected pilates studios in Manhattan including The Kane School, IMX, Pilates on Fifth, STOTT PIlates. She also holds certifications in Barre , Resist-a-Ball, Body Pump and Reebok Spin. Kim is also obtained a certification through Body and Flow  making her a Master trainer through Body and Flow. These certifications allow her to work with clients of all levels including special populations, pre & post natal. She is also certified through The Pink Ribbon Program, which grants her the ability to enhance the recovery for breast cancer patients. Kim has been teaching for over 20 years both private, semi-private and group classes. She feels that with each new year brings a chance to learn and grow through workshops and lectures, helping bring the latest techniques to her studio.