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The Wonders of the Wunda Chair

The Wonders of the Wunda Chair

The Wunda chair (in German – Wunda means wonder) is a powerful piece of equipment that was designed by Joseph Pilates as a portable home exercise machine.



The Elusive Balance

As a Pilates Instructor and a Nutrition Advisor people expect me to live a virtuous, guilt-free life where the only foods that pass my lips are wholesome and nutritious and with only positive and beneficial thoughts buzzing around my head.READ MORE

Chest Lift • Reformer

Chest lift reformer straps on upper arms is a fun exercise to do. Although the setting requires some preparation, it is definitely worth it! The resistance of the straps on the upper arm helps facilitate deeper connections in the body and therefore increase strength. From this basic exercise we can spread wide for obliques, leg variations, curling and arching (when coming back to starting position) and more. Try it out!!


Supine Hamstring Curls • Reformer

The Hamstrings group consist of three muscles the Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosus muscles and Semimembranosus. As this group of muscles run over two joints (knee and hip), these muscles are primarily responsible for the flexion of the knee joint (bending of the knee) as well as assisting the extension of the thigh (moving the upper leg backwards).


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The Jump Board • Let’s have some fun!

The work on the jump board will challenge the core, increase the heart rate and improve circulation.

Here are some of the differences between a Pilates class on the reformer and one using the jump board:


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The Knee Stretch • Knees Off

A Pilates program on the mat and Reformer will optimize knee function in terms of strength, flexibility and alignment. To help you understand how to help your knees, it is important to understand the way your knees work.


Body & Flow • body and flow offers outstanding body and mind training programs for the Wellness industry

Mommy & Me • Part II

In the last mommy and me post the focus was on the baby. now its time to focus on the mommy with exercises to awaken her core, strengthen the legs and hips and tone the arms and shoulder girdle. The time after the birth involves many changes in the body, both physically, mentally and hormonally. Regular exercise can support he new mom in her new role and help her ease her way into motherhood.


Body & Flow • body and flow offers outstanding body and mind training programs for the Wellness industry

The Pilates Push Up

The classical advanced Pilates push up is an advanced move that requires a lot core and upper body strength and stability. This exercise is a challenge for the whole body and needs practice in order to perform correctly and safely.


Mommy & Me • Part I

For both the mom and her baby, exercising together offers many benefits. The  time together increases the bonding, improves the communication between parent and baby  and helps building confidence. Apart from that, there are the physical benefit – mommy and me exercises will help to mother to get back into shape after the delivery.



Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a bone disorder characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue, mainly because of hormonal changes. The bones lose calcium and phosphate salts and become fragile and vulnerable to fractures. The only way to diagnose osteoporosis before a fracture happens is by a bone density test.


Rectus Separation

Diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles is a separation of the linea alba, a connective tissue that acts like straps joining the muscles in the middle of the abdomen. This is mostly common in pregnant women, as the tissue attachments widen and split to accommodate the growing fetus. In severe cases the split may affect the ability to recruit the rectus abdominis and may result in pain and dysfunction of the abdominals, back and pelvis. The abdominals are protruding and it is often called “mommy tummy”


Let’s Twist Again

You are as young as your spine”

 J. Pilates

The four movements of the spine are flexion, extension, side bending and rotation. They are all important to keep the spine and organs intact. Rotation movement has unique quality as it enhances all other movements.READ MORE


The spine, when viewed from the side, forms an S shape. The cervical and lumbar spines show lordosis curves and the thoracic spine shows kyphosis curve. This combination of forwards and backward curves allows our spine to perform different activities while keeping the spine strong yet flexible and adaptable.


Defining the Core

The core, also called the powerhouse, holds the body in alignment and allows the extremities to move in a more efficient and effective manner. Imagine the midsec­tion as a cylinder. The top surface is the diaphragm and the bottom is the pelvic floor muscles. The midsection of the cylinder is the abdominals and multifidus mus­cles. Pilates helps increase core strength and stabilization by creating demands for strength and flexibility. When movement is initiated from the core, the body moves the way it was designed to move.


The Teaser

The Teaser is one of the most challenging Pilates exercises and teases gravity as it works from the ground up, hence the name. The Teaser strengthen the core, challenges the balance and the symmetry of core engagement.

The Teaser can be performer on the mat, Reformer Cadillac and Wunda Chair and additional props and movements may be added as a modification or variation. There are many ways to perform this exercises and everybody can find a way to tease…  work on finding it and then challenge it!!!

The execution should be smooth and controlled, with ease of movement going up and down.


Tips for New Teachers

Like with any new skill you wish to acquire, becoming a Pilates instructor takes time and practice until it becomes a second nature. While the training course provides you with all the necessary tools to be a great teacher, it is only when you start practice teaching itself that you will make it a reality. The training course is only the tip of the iceberg…READ MORE

Maintaining Good Posture

“Like a bonsai tree, Your terrible posture at My dinner table”

Haikus For Jew by D. M. Bader

On receiving this gift from a close girlfriend, the first page I opened read the above Haiku. It was such a time-machine- moment as it immediately took me back to my grandmother’s antique dining room. I can still see her in front of my child eyes putting the main dish on the table as the room fills with a wonderful aroma.   Always erect and aware, looking amazingly taller than her 152 cm height like any other Jewish mother, she never forgot to mention the importance of maintaining good posture.READ MORE

Special Populations Primary School Teachers

In Pilates it is possible to cater for all kinds of Special Populations and there is much literature to be found on this subject.  Pilates to improve your running technique, how Pilates can improve posture amongst the younger generation, Pilates for Mothers and Babies, Pre-natal Pilates.  The list just keeps on going.  But what about the amazing group of people who labour, day in, day out in our Schools providing the best possible education for our young children?  What about teachers?


Body & Flow • body and flow offers outstanding body and mind training programs for the Wellness industry

What is Balance

  • Ever found it hard find a balance between different aspects of your life?
  • Between family and work?
  • Family time and your own time?
  • Chores and fun?
  • Well, you are not alone with this constant search for the perfect equilibrium.
  • Good news is that there are ways we can work on our balancing act!READ MORE

Pilates Joseph

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. As a frail child, he suffered from Rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever. That led him to a lifetime dedication to physical fitness. He studied gymnastics, skiing, boxing, yoga and more and as a teenager, he was in good enough physical condition to pose for anatomical charts.READ MORE