Mommy & Me • Part I


For both the mom and her baby, exercising together offers many benefits. The  time together increases the bonding, improves the communication between parent and baby  and helps building confidence. Apart from that, there are the physical benefit – mommy and me exercises will help to mother to get back into shape after the delivery.


It will help her build a strong, healthy body and develop self confidence in her new role as a mother, while practicing patience and compassion. For the baby, it will help him/her sleep easier (and longer!), relax and engage muscles to develop strength and flexibility. Singing, BTW, is a known tool to help your baby relax. Try it in your practice!


Part I – Ball Exercises: focus is on the baby

Part II – Mat Exercises: focus on the mommy. Here

Jumping on the ball

Start kneeling in front of the ball and put your baby to sit on the ball. Help him jump up and down on the ball. This is simple yet fun and effective exercise.

  • Baby benefits: building confidence, experiencing being in the air
  • Mother benefits: build stamina and arm strength

Jumping on the ball

Drumming on the ball

Have your baby facing the ball, (standing on your thighs if needed).

Simply let him enjoy…. Drumming on the ball, making it roll, jump etc.

  • Baby benefits:  Strengthening the arms and shoulder girdle. Building a sense of rhythm.
  • Mommy benefits: Bonding with the baby.

Drumming on the ball

Belly on the ball

Kneel in front of the ball. Place your baby facing you with his belly on the ball. Roll the ball back and front, lifting your hips as your roll the ball back, and coming back to sitting. Communicate with your baby – smile at him and encourage him to lift his head and shoulders.

  • Baby benefits: increase confidence, strengthen shoulder girdle and back muscles.
  • Mommy benefits: build strength in the legs as going on the knees and back to sitting on the heels.

Belly on the ball

Back on the ball

Same thing as the previous one, but this time the baby is on the back. Most babies will feel less comfortable in this position.

Try and check how your baby is doing in this exercises. Be aware of his reaction and act accordingly.

  • Baby benefits: being able to ‘let go’ and lye on the back. Helps to increase body awareness.
  • Mommy benefits: build strength in the legs as going up and down.

Back on the ball

Many thanks to Lianne and chiharu Kaplan for demonstrating

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