About  Body & Flow international pilates education programs

Who  We Are

Body & Flow is here to help you with your body and mind education programs. Since 2008, we have been offering our education programs worldwide, inspiring individuals to become courageous thinkers and learners who teach from their hearts. We provide a wide range of excellent educational courses and workshops that are comprehensive, flexible, affordable, and accessible. We are driven by our passion for learning, practicing, caring, and commitment, and we strive to create thoughtful and knowledgeable teachers.

How  We Teach

Our program is dedicated to supporting students in becoming thoughtful, confident, responsible, and compassionate leaders in their classes. We inspire students to develop a unique voice that reflects their personality, creativity, and true nature. Our classes and courses are designed with the individual in mind, as we believe that quality and safety are of utmost importance. We base our program on the original work of Joseph Pilates and have incorporated today’s additional scientific knowledge and advancements to enhance it further.

We will guide you towards success in this course. By the end of it, you will feel inspired and confident to take your first steps as a teacher. This path requires commitment, dedication, constant passion, and a desire to learn and improve. You are embarking on a unique journey where you have the privilege of making an unforgettable impact on people’s lives. Stay connected to your true self, be dedicated to your students, and enjoy the process!

How to Teach

We don’t just tell you what to teach; and we teach you how to prepare as well. Our courses focus on developing critical thinking and inspiring educators. We employ various teaching methods, such as interactive learning, practical exercises, laboratory work, problem-solving, and role-playing games, to help you hone your teaching skills, expand your teaching vocabulary, and explore the art of teaching. We strongly emphasise safety and will support you in learning how to spot and correct misalignments, problematic executions, posture, and structural issues. Through practice and hard work, our course will help you unleash the creative, passionate, and compassionate teacher within you.

Quality Vs. Quantity

Since 2008, our programs have been offered worldwide, and we remain faithful to Joseph Pilates’s principle of quality over quantity. Each course is limited to 12 students to ensure that each one receives the attention they deserve.

Set you for success

As a trainer, you have the responsibility of leading a new generation of students towards a meaningful connection between their mind and body. You are the one who will remain in their memory as they move forward on their path. We understand that this is a great responsibility and have worked hard to equip you with the best possible tools to achieve this task. We will provide you with continuous support and create a community for you to learn, share, and explore.

What  The Students Say