Accessories Workshop

Accessories Workshop

Join us in our upcoming workshop as we delve into the world of Pilates accessories and explore their valuable contributions to the practice. Accessories serve as powerful tools in Pilates, enhancing connections, improving execution, and offering options to modify exercises for different levels of ability. This workshop will focus on several popular accessories, including the magic circle, foam roller, small and big balls, and elastic band. Throughout the workshop, you can practice exercises incorporating these accesso- ries, enabling you to experience their effects firsthand. Furthermore, we will guide you in effectively teaching these exercises, providing you with the skills to confidently incorporate them into your classes.

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Body & Flow Accessories Workshop


  • Exploration of Pilates accessories: Discover the versatility and benefits of various accessories, including the magic circle, foam roller, small and big balls, and elastic band.
  • Practical application and teaching practice: Engage in hands-on practice with the accessories, allowing you to deepen your understanding of their usage and refine your teaching skills by instructing others.
  • Understanding the impact of accessories: Gain insight into how accessories can deepen the understanding of exercises and create variations, making them more accessible or challenging as needed.
  • Appropriate use of accessories: Discuss the timing and circumstances for incorporating accessories into Pilates sessions, understanding the rationale behind their utilization.
  • Safety guidelines: Explore important safety guidelines for using accessories, ensuring a safe and effective practice for both you and your clients


  • Approval of the course teacher.


  • Contact hours              20 hours (in class)
  • Observation hours       5 hours
  • Personal practice         5 hours
  • Assistant teaching        5 hours


  • A successful completion of all course assignments.
  • A successful completion of theory and practical test (if taken as part of the comprehensive program).