Pilates Cadillac

Embark on an enriching 55-hour Cadillac course that delves into beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises. Our curriculum goes beyond the basics, providing valuable insights into the modifications and adaptations necessary for today’s diverse population. During the course, we will focus on understanding the feet, exploring their anatomy, special exercises, and common pathologies. Additionally, we will explore the fascinating world of fascia and its pivotal role in the movement. Furthermore, we understand the importance of the business aspect for Pilates teachers and studio owners. So, we’ll talk about key considerations and strategies to help you. Join us and elevate your Pilates experience to new heights as you expand your expertise, gain valuable insights, and unlock the potential for growth in both your teaching practice and business ventures.

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Body & Flow Pilates Cadillac Education Course


  • Teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced level exercises on the Cadillac.
  • Deepen your understanding of the anatomy of the foot.
  • Learn practices to enhance the connection to the feet.
  • Learn about the fascia and its’ importance for the moving body.
  • Learn the modifications and variations for each exercise and when to use them.
  • Silent practice drills to enhance self-practice and better understand the movements.
  • Daily classes with the course’s teacher.
  • Refine your teaching skills, such as cueing and touch techniques.
  • You can learn about the business of being a Pilates teacher/studio ow


  • Approval by course teacher
  • Attending 10 Cadillac classes
  • Pilates mat teacher (highly recommended)


  • Contact hours            55 hours
  • Observation hours     20 hours
  • Personal practice       10 hours
  • Assistant teaching     10 hours


  • Successful completion of all course assignments
  • Successful completion of theory and practical tests