Pilates Chair

Pilates Chair Workshop

Join us for an enriching training experience where you will enhance your exercise repertoire on the chair and master the art of teaching dynamic and rhythmic workouts in small group settings. Through our program, you will gain the skills to confidently lead challenging chair classes using straightforward guidelines and user-friendly recommendations. Prepare to discover the chair in entirely new ways as you immerse yourself in this transformative workshop. Our workshop welcomes Pilates enthusiasts and professionals, offering a valuable opportunity for growth and development. For those pursuing certification, please note that a final practical exam will be administered as part of the course requirements. Don’t miss this incredible chance to elevate your understanding of the chair and revolutionize your teaching approach. Join us and unlock the full potential of this versatile apparatus like never before.

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Body & Flow Pilates Chair Workshop


  • Safe usage and alignment on the Pilates chair.
  • Chair-specific exercises and variations.
  • How to adapt exercises for different fitness levels and individual needs.
  • Core strengthening techniques.
  • Improved balance and coordination.
  • How to incorporate the chair into a Pilates workout routine.
  • Modifications for clients with specific conditions or limitations.
  • Teaching skills for cueing and assisting clients effectively.
  • Safety considerations and precautions when using the Pilates chair.
  • Strategies for creating well-rounded and challenging Pilates chair workouts.


  • Approval by course teacher


  • Contact hours             15 hours
  • Observation hours      5 hours
  • Personal practice       5 hours
  • Assistant teaching      5 hours


  • Successful completion of all course assignments
  • Successful completion of theory and practical tests (if taken as part of the comprehensive program).