Pilates Mat II

Advanced Pilates Mat Education Course

Welcome to our Advanced Mat Course, where we dive deeper into the world of challenging exercises that demand heightened strength, flexibility, and balance. Our primary focus will be refining your teaching skills, breaking down advanced practices, and progressing them to suit your student’s unique abilities and needs. We will conduct a comprehensive postural assessment as a powerful diagnostic tool throughout this course. This assessment will train your eye to identify subtle alignment issues and weaknesses, allowing you to provide targeted guidance and support to your students. Additionally, we will explore common pathologies, such as lower back pain, disc pathologies, and osteoporosis, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to work safely and progressively with students facing these conditions. This course will empower you to guide your students through challenging workouts while prioritizing safety, proper technique, and individualized attention. Enroll now and embark on an advanced journey to elevate your teaching and empower your students to reach new heights.

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Body & Flow Pilates Mat II Education Course


  • Teaching advanced level mat exercises: Master the intricacies of advanced mat exercises, expanding your repertoire and expertise.
  • Osteoporosis and back issues: Gain an in-depth understanding of osteoporosis and back issues, and learn practical strategies to address and modify exercises for students with these conditions.
  • Postural assessment: Learn how to assess posture, strength, and flexibility in your students, enabling you to customize your teaching approach to their specific needs.
  • Modifications and variations: Understand the range of changes and variations available for each exercise and develop the skills to determine when and how to utilize them appropriately.
  • Silent practice drill: Engage in silent practice drills to deepen your self-practice and enhance your comprehension of the advanced exercises.
  • Daily classes with course Teacher: Immerse yourself in daily classes led by our experienced course instructor, refining your practice and experiencing the advanced exercises firsthand.
  • Refining teaching skills: Fine-tune your teaching skills, including cueing and touch techniques, allowing you to deliver explicit, effective, and impactful instruction to your students.


  • Approval by course teacher
  • Attending 10 pilates classes
  • Anatomy course (can be taken with Body & Flow or elsewhere)
  • Completion of a Pilates a beginner and intermediate mat program


  • Contact hours              30 hours
  • Observation hours       10 hours
  • Personal practice        10 hours
  • Assistant teaching       5 hours


  • Successful completion of all course assignments
  • Successful completion of theory and practical tests