Pilates Mat I

Beginner and Intermediate Mat Pilates Education Course

Immerse yourself in our beginner-intermediate mat course, offering 45 hours of engaging and interactive learning. Throughout this transformative program, you will participate in practice sessions, labs, problem-solving ac- activities, and role plays to deepen your understanding of Pilates. From foundational movements to intermediate exercises, we will explore each, focusing on precise execution, modifications, and in-depth knowledge of anatomy. Our course goes beyond teaching skills and expands your teaching vocabulary. We emphasize the art of spotting and correcting misalignments, troubleshooting problematic executions, addressing posture and structural issues, and using tactile cues effectively. Through extensive practice and more, our program is designed to help you unleash your creative, passionate, and compassionate Pilates teaching potential. Join us and gain the confidence and expertise to teach impactful classes, inspire your students, and make a lasting impact on their well-being.

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Body & Flow Pilates Mat I Education Course


  • Pilates principles: Discover how to infuse the Pilates principles into every class, bringing them to life for your students.
  • Teaching fundamentals: Master the foundational exercises and progress seamlessly to beginner and inter- mediate levels, ensuring safe and appropriate student advancement.
  • Class structure and adaptability: Learn practical strategies for structuring classes and adapting to accommodate various levels of fitness and experience among your students.
  • Cueing, touch techniques, and teaching tips: Develop your skills in providing clear and compelling cues, refining touch techniques, and gaining valuable teaching insights to support your students’ progress.
  • Class creation: Learn how to create well-rounded and engaging Pilates classes, incorporating modifications and variations to cater to individual needs.
  • Silent practice drill: Engage in silent practice drills to enhance self-practice and deepen your understanding of the exercises.
  • Daily classes with course teacher: Experience daily classes led by our experienced course instructor, further immersing yourself in Pilates practice.
  • Class settings: Acquire valuable insights and tips for teaching different classes, including individual sessions, group classes, and other class settings.


  • Attendance 20 Pilates mat classes
  • Approval by course teacher
  • Anatomy course (can be taken with Body & Flow or elsewhere)


  • Contact hours            45 hours
  • Observation hours     25 hours
  • Personal practice       10 hours
  • Assistant teaching     10 hours


  • Successful completion of all course assignments
  • Successful completion of theory and practical tests