PostNatal Education Course

Based on their vast teaching and motherhood experience, Kate Besleme, Joung-ah Ghedini Williams, and Or-Yah Avni have created a unique and comprehensive postnatal education course. The postnatal period can be challenging and confusing. This course will teach you how to work with new mothers and provide calm and supportive care. Common postnatal issues will be discussed, and you’ll learn a variety of methods that can be used to teach classes that support new mothers in achieving their fitness goals in a safe and progressive way. Students will also explore the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that occur postpartum, and how to address them in class.

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Body & Flow PostNatal Education Course

This is your second step towards a comprehensive womanhood certificate.


This program provides the flexibility to progress at your own pace, with different modules that can be taken separately. In each module you will need to complete observation, assistant teaching, and personal practice hours, as well as practical and theory tests.


  • Approval by course teacher
  • Valid Pilates, yoga or fitness certificate
  • Prior teaching experience


  • In-person                     8 hours
  • Observation                 4 hours
  • Assistant teaching       2 hours


  • Successful completion of all course assignments
  • Successful completion of theory and practical tests