Teaching Skills

Teaching Skills Workshop

This interactive and experimental course will sharpen your communication skills, both verbally and non verbally. We will learn about the great effect teachers has on students, and how much that influences the way they learn. We will learn how to address different situations, problems and sizes of class to hone our skills. While exploring and analyzing case studies we will role play, suggest solutions and build strategies for efficient and fluent communication.

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Body & Flow Teaching Skills Education Course

This course is intended for teachers from all walks of methods, including Pilates, Yoga, Prenatal and more. 


  • Approval of the course teacher.
  • A valid certificate.
  • Teaching experience.


  • Contact hours              10 hours (in class)


  • A successful completion of all course assignments.
  • A successful completion of theory and practical test.

Body & Flow does not guarantee employment as a Pilates Teacher upon completion of its Mat and/or Apparatus Teacher Training Program.