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Sukhamukha Yoga •  Sydney Australia

Our passion is to share the gift and essence of Yoga in its deepest essence which is beyond the Physical. Our main form of practice and the lineage from which we come is dedicated to Vinyasa yoga. Its a dynamic flow which gives us the freedom to creatively express ourselves and what we consider to be the essence of Yoga as we link Breath with Movement and with Intention, celebrating the joy of life and the wisdom of Yoga as a life style. We see Yoga as a way of life and something that we all want to practice both on and off the mat, to become more present and free of stress, to reconnect with our spirit and the truth of who we are. Our classes are physically challenging and spiritually uplifting as we always draw back to the meaning, the source and the Philosophy of Yoga and realise just how relevant they all are to our lives today. At the end of the class you will leave feeling in harmony with your body, mind and soul. We offer Yoga classes from as low as $7 per class, kids yoga, teens yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga, restorative yoga and once a month a class we call “Love conquers all” which each month we donate to a different charity cause. Our classes are suitable for all people, all ages and all religions.

Location: Sydney – Australia
Phone: +61.49.0090530