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Balance on the Mat :: Lodz :: Poland

Balance on the Mat :: Lodz :: Poland During this workshop we will explore exercises with the balance cushion to improve balance and proprioception. While a daily act, as we need to balance (momentarily) to function while walking, climbing up the stairs etc., a little attention

Balance on the Reformer :: Lodz :: Poland

Balance on the Reformer :: Lodz :: Poland Balance is an everyday act! While walking, getting in and out of the car, climbing the stairs and more, we challenge our balance on a daily basis. While maintaining and keeping balance is very important in keeping overall good

Gliding Discs :: Lodz :: Poland

Gliding Discs :: Lodz :: Poland Small by size but provide a big challenge! Spice up your workout with this portable training tool for getting a total-body workout. The gliding discs will add a new dimension to your workout, and improve balance, strength, flexibility and more.

Feet Workshop :: Lodz :: Poland

Feet Workshop :: Lodz :: Poland In western society, we pay little attention to the feet, but in fact, this is one of the most important organs of our body. The feet connect the body with the ground and carry us throughout our lives. In this

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Cadillac Workshop :: Lodz :: Poland

Cadillac Workshop :: Lodz :: Poland Explore the many wonderful ways there are to work on the Cadillac… Often under estimated, this genius piece of equipment, created by Joseph Pilates, hides big variety of exercises that are appropriate for alleges and fitness levels. This is a one-day