Chest Lift Reformer


Chest Lift • Reformer


Chest lift reformer straps on upper arms is a fun exercise to do. Although the setting requires some preparation, it is definitely worth it! The resistance of the straps on the upper arm helps facilitate deeper connections in the body and therefore increase strength. From this basic exercise we can spread wide for obliques, leg variations, curling and arching (when coming back to starting position) and more. Try it out!!



Set Up:

Breathing Cue:
PH Cue:
Third Level:


Common Errors:

Strengthen the core muscles
Supine facing ropes with legs in 90-90 and ropes over elbows. Hands interlaced at the back of the neck
Inhale – Prepare
Exhale – Lift the head and shoulders off the mat
Inhale – Back to starting position
Breathe to your back
Move from the core
Come back to starting position using your back muscles
Lean to your bra line to curl off the mat
Keep knees bent and feet on headrest
Legs in 45
Legs variations
Add spinal twist for oblique work
Leading the movement with the chin
Knees apart


Lengthen through the spine


Fold the spine like a book