Let’s Twist Again

You are as young as your spine”

 J. Pilates


The four movements of the spine are flexion, extension, side bending and rotation. They are all important to keep the spine and organs intact. Rotation movement has unique quality as it enhances all other movements.

Try this simple exercise – (Flight fundamental) – Lie on your belly with arms along the side. Keep the spine long and lift the head and shoulders off the floor (without using the hands). Memorize the feeling. Now sit crossed leg and enjoy a nice twist, squeezing the spine equally on both sides. Try the Flight again and you will notice more ease in the extension movement along with improved ability of lifting off the floor.

Twisting exercises keep the spine supple and flexible, improve circulation and cleanse the inner organs.

What the keep in mind when twisting?

Keep the spine long and aligned, with head over shoulders, open shoulder girdle and a connection between the crown of the head and the sitting bones.


Spine Twist

Sit with legs straight hip width apart, arms open to the sides, palms down, feet are active.

Twist to the right, pulse twice and the unfold the spine back to center. Wring the spine like a towel

Threading The Needle

Start on all fours and open the right arm to the sky, allow the spine to rotate towards the ceiling.

Thread the hand between the opposite hand & knee, allowing the right ear to rest on the floor. Stay for few breaths and then come up to change sides

Supine Spinal Twist

Lie supine with one knee bent and the other straight on the floor

Move the bent knee across the body towards the floor. Support the knee with your hand and turn your head to the opposite side.

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Spine Twist

Spine Twist

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Pilates. Threading the needle. Lets twist again

Threading the needle

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Supine Spine Twist

Supine Spinal Twist


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[notice ]By Or-yah Avni[/notice]