Pilates Teacher VS. Pilates Teacher Trainer

Pilates Teacher VS. Pilates Teacher Trainer

Every teacher serves as a role model, shaping the paths of those they guide. After completing Body & Flow’s teacher training course, you’re equipped to lead students through their Pilates journey. Success in this course demands dedication, commitment, passion, and hard work. Developing awareness—consciousness, knowledge, and a discerning eye—is key to becoming an effective role model.

As a Pilates teacher, it’s essential to be mindful of your actions, posture, communication, and body language. These elements contribute to creating a positive and supportive environment for your students. Moreover, as a teacher, you play a vital role in fostering awareness in your students. Guiding them through classes, you help enhance their body and mind awareness, improve strength and flexibility, all while ensuring their safety throughout the Pilates process.

Your journey as a Pilates teacher involves not only mastering the techniques but also cultivating empathy, patience, and effective communication skills. By embodying these qualities, you inspire and guide your students towards achieving their fitness goals and cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves.

What about the teacher trainers, the teachers who teach the training course? What is required from them in their path to be able to hold a teacher training?

When becoming a teacher trainer, you are not only a role model yourself, but you are also helping to create a whole new generation of ones. This is a task with great responsibilities, and we do need to rise to meet the expectations.

When becoming a teacher trainer there are additional aspects we need to consider –

Pilates teacher trainers possess advanced knowledge and expertise not only in Pilates exercises and principles but also in teaching methodology, curriculum development, and assessment. They understand how to break down complex movements into manageable components, teach proper alignment and technique, and provide constructive feedback to aspiring Pilates instructors. Additionally, they have a thorough understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and injury prevention relevant to Pilates instruction.

Pilates teacher trainers focus on preparing future Pilates instructors for their role in teaching others. They train individuals from diverse backgrounds who aspire to become Pilates instructors, guiding them through comprehensive teacher training programs that cover Pilates philosophy, technique, teaching methodology, class planning, and communication skills.

Pilates teacher trainers have broader responsibilities that encompass not only teaching Pilates techniques but also mentoring and evaluating aspiring instructors. They design and deliver teacher training courses, lead workshops and seminars, assess trainees’ teaching skills and knowledge through practical demonstrations and written exams, and provide ongoing support and guidance as trainees progress through their certification process.

At Body &Flow, we seek for the highest standards in our teacher trainers. Our transmittal courses, to train the new teacher trainers, are long and require hard work and dedication in preparing for this great task. Our policy in adding new teacher trainers to our family is to grow steadily and not commercially, as we strive for finding the right person who has the skills and abilities to become teacher trainer.