Supine Hamstring Curls Reformer


The Hamstrings group consist of three muscles the Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosus muscles and Semimembranosus. As this group of muscles run over two joints (knee and hip), these muscles are primarily responsible for the flexion of the knee joint (bending of the knee) as well as assisting the extension of the thigh (moving the upper leg backwards).



This group is often tight and weak in sedentary lifestyle students, and therefore movement is restricted.

Improving hamstring strength will increase knee stability and decrease the risk of knee pain and injury. Improving hamstring flexibility will increase ROM and will allow less tension on the lower back muscles.

The Hamstrings Curls is an effective exercise that works on strengthening the hamstrings while stabilizing the hips.

This is a good exercise to enhance body awareness, as this is a very specific movement occurring in one joint only.


Set Up:


Breathing Cue:
PH Cue:
Third Level:



Common Errors:

Strengthen the hamstrings
Enhance spinal stabilization
Lie supine on the reformer with feet in the straps and legs together and straight to the ceiling. Arms by the sides and headrest in a comfortable position. Resistance should be same as in the Leg Work.
Inhale – Prepare
Exhale – While keeping the knees and thighs fixed in space, bend the knees and bring the legs to 90-90
Inhale – Stretch the legs back to starting position
Breathe all the way to the toes
Connect the legs to the core
Both legs work as one unit
Feel a spring between the heels and the sitting bones
Smaller ROM
Add leg choreography
1-2 kg hand weights to incorporate the upper body
Moving/rocking the hips when bending the legs
Moving the knees in space while flexing them
Both legs don’t work together as one unit


Stay strong through the core


Stay strong through the core