The Pilates Push Up


The classical advanced Pilates push up is an advanced move that requires a lot core and upper body strength and stability. This exercise is a challenge for the whole body and needs practice in order to perform correctly and safely.



Pilates push up Straight line from head to heels

Keep space between shoulder blades


Points to remember:

  • Zip the core – use the core as an anchor for this exercises and lift the abdominals towards you back for better support.
  • Imagine the body like a plank of wood – long and strong, forming a straight line from the head to the heels. Avoid sinking into the lower back or lowering the head.
  • Keep the arms on the back – keep the shoulders away from the ears and use the back muscles to push back up.
  • Use opposition – imagine you are pushing the floor away from you every time you stretch the arms.
  • Whole body integration – use you whole body during this exercise – use your gluteus, inner thighs and feet to support you.
  • As low as you can keep correct alignment – you don’t have to bend the elbows too much and lower all the way to the floor. Start small; make sure you only go to where your body can support you.

Exercises that will support you towards

performing the full push up:

  • Push up against the wall
  • Modified push up with knees on the floor
  • Holding the plank pose
  • Perform Leg Pull Front
  • Keep elbows wide