The Teaser

The Teaser is one of the most challenging Pilates exercises and teases gravity as it works from the ground up, hence the name. The Teaser strengthen the core, challenges the balance and the symmetry of core engagement.

The Teaser can be performer on the mat, Reformer Cadillac and Wunda Chair and additional props and movements may be added as a modification or variation. There are many ways to perform this exercises and everybody can find a way to tease…  work on finding it and then challenge it!!!

The execution should be smooth and controlled, with ease of movement going up and down.

Teaser Prep (Mat)                                                                                                      

Start Supine with feet flat on the mat and away from the body, knees bent and together, one leg is straight in 45 (Keep the knees together, the inner thigh connection is crucial in this exercise). Reach the arms overhead and float the head, then the shoulders and continue to roll up one bone at a time. Reach the fingers to the toes and balance at the back of the sitting bones.

pilates teaser prep1

Pilates Teaser Prep

 Teaser I                                                                                                                            

Same as Teaser Prep but with both legs in 45.

Teaser II                                                                                                                       

Start in the Teaser position and lower/lift the legs while keeping the upper body steady

Teaser III                                                                                                                          

 Start in Teaser position and lower the body to the floor (lying flat) and lift back to Teaser position

Teaser on the Reformer                                                                                                

This is a very challenging version and fear factor will “kick in” as well. Gain confidence first with Teaser on the mat and then challenge yourself with the Reformer’s version.

Teaser on the Cadillac                                                                                                  

This is an easier version than the mat and the Reformer. The springs assisting in coming up and help to control the coming down. Using the trapeze to place the feet is a good beginner version.

Pilates Teaser  Cadillac

PilatesTeaser Cadillac


Add arm movement

Add leg movement

Add spinal twist when coming up (to challenge the oblique)

Please the magic circle between the legs


Place the feet on the ball or a chair

Lift the spine half way up

Keep knees bent

Points to consider:

Position of the back
Is the back rounded, or straight in the Teaser? When we come up we should balance on the back of the sitting bones. If we balance at the center of the sitting bones we will make the hip flexors muscles “kick in” and take the load off the abdominals. When keeping the back slightly round and the balance on the back of the sitting bones, we focus on the core and the abdominals muscles in particular.

Position of the legs
The legs should ideally be straight, but we know that doesn’t work for everyone. Those with lower back issues and tight hamstrings will find it very challenging to keep the legs straight. For others, with practice and dedication this an achievable goal…

Asymmetry of the spine 
It is easy to spot asymmetry in the spine while rolling up and down. Pay attention if one side becomes shorter and lifts off the floor sooner than the other. Try focus on lengthening that side and engaging the muscles more in the other side. Sometimes, holding a pen, key or another small object (in order to stimulate the nerves) is a good method to even both sides of the spine.

Low Back Pain
The Teaser exercises might have a negative impact on your general lower back pain. If so, find a way to modify the exercise (bending the  knees, placing the feet on a chair, performing a smaller ROM etc).

Most importantly, stay connected with your core and enjoy the challenge!

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[notice ]By Or-yah Avni[/notice]